This young man at TechnoBrain!

Mugeshram is a Level 5 student at TechnoBrain who has an extraordinary ability of completing the given tasks with minimal supervision.

Mugeshram is a fifteen year old boy studying at Carmel Fatima College in Kalmunai.

“He has been a maker kid from his childhood” says his grandpa who brought him to TechnoBrain for the first time. Having heard of such an institution in Batticaloa, his grandpa so wanted Mugesh to join in and gain more exposure. In the meantime Mugesh says, his grandpa is one of the supporters in his family who encouraged his efforts from childhood. Mugesh is working on several Arduino projects right now with the guidance of our tech-lead at TechnoBrain Maker-space. His ability to grab the commands well and code accordingly makes him a pro among other makers.


Most of all, this young man is performing well in his school studies too. When we asked him about his rank at the term exams, he nodded his head with a grin on his face and replied, “I manage to pick the 1st seat every term”. The secret node of his academic excellence is his time management. He schedules and distinguishes his study time and making time. “I have my own schedule, I use to complete the school tasks soon after reaching home and I start making and breaking during late nights” says Mugesh.

More than the inner spirit of Mugesh towards technological innovation, his parents and his elder brother are being a supportive arm to him from his family background. Especially his dad who owes his credit card for all those online purchases of tools and gadgets is really inspiring.


At the moment, Mugesh is working on an Arduino project that he is willing to donate to his school. Further, Technobrain will be letting few more products of his development in to the market by the second quarter of 2018. “My ambition is to complete two PhDs in Robotics. Even though, there are many discouraging words from the society, I will learn for myself and achieve this goal” says this young maker.

Among teenagers who spend hours in devices browsing unwanted content and playing games these days, a Maker-pro like Mugeshram is really an inspiring character.