Technobrain establishes their very own space in Batticaloa.

Triggered by the enthusiasm shown by the community and the academic leaders from Batticaloa district, The Team Technobrain decided to establish their own Maker space in their office premises in Kallady. As a result, necessary equipment and tools were all gathered after refurbishing the office space into a child-friendly Maker space, where children can work on their own creating inventive objects. This space is designed in a way that the kids are equipped with a variety of DIY (Do it yourself) kits and are let to work with the support of the instructors.


The projects are initially developed by the Research and Development team lead by our Technical expert (Who is also known as Mr. Technobrain) and the kids are taught to replicate the same. In such case, the students are also encouraged to make productive modifications in the basic schema. This is done with the intention of activating the innovative thinking skills. The results of this approach was visible at the first event itself.

For instance, the task was to create a crab bot. When the basics schema was taught and when the little makers were left free to work on the kits given, we could see them creating many different variants of the crab bot. One little maker has developed a swimming crab bot. Have a look at the video.

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