The Inaugural workshop of Technobrain Maker space

The first ever maker space workshop of Technobrain Maker space was held in the Monkey’s Tale Training Centre of the Butterfly garden, Batticaloa. It was a significant hit to the opening of a Maker culture in Batticaloa. The urge from the kids to know about the novel technologies and the interest shown by the parents in enrolling the kids in such engineering and robotics workshop was a pleasant surprise to the Technobrain team. At the first event, the kids were taught to have an idea about very basic concept of engineering and they completed constructing two basic bots and they were let free to decorate it in their way. The creativity overruled the little minds and many different bots came out. It was even exciting to see the amazement on the faces of their parents when they came to pick the kids and saw their bots.

Team Technobrain learned many lessons from the implementation of this event regarding the specific requirements of the community and the educational ecosystem. The enthusiasm shown by the kids participated in the one day workshop became the trigger of gusto for team Technobrain.

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