Creating young inventors!

TechnoBrain is a maker space established in Batticaloa, which is also the very first maker space established out of Colombo. Technobrain Maker space aims to build the creativity among youngsters embrace innovation. Also, it aims to make a positive change in the traditional teaching methods and build the capacity of the community up to international standards.

Having above as the goal, Technobrain International caters kids from age 5 to age 16 with Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics skills. Conducting robotic and engineering workshops to selected age groups is one of the strategies of Technobrain International to actualize the aim.

This space facilitates hands-on activities with digital and electronic tools such as 3D printers and soldering irons, as well as robotics and engineering approaches to facilitate kids create their own toys. This is a preliminary attempt to create a STEAM-charged participatory culture that encourages people who were not previously inclined to code or solder to interact with science and technology in ways they had not before.