See our first batch students becoming Maker-Pros!

Now that they have learned quite a lot and they are able to handle tasks on their own, our little kids have started making their own bots. Have a look at those inquisitive faces. Having completed with some basics of electrical engineering, they now have started to identify their simple needs at home and to create bots that could help them home. Some of them wanted to make their toy to play with. Watching these tiny minds coming up with so many creative ideas is much fun. Have a look at our Maker pros!

IMG_20180128_104333 IMG_20180128_102910 IMG_20180121_113940 IMG_20180121_101502 IMG_20180121_101441 IMG_20180121_094531 IMG_20180113_162213 IMG_20180113_161847 IMG_20180113_161518 IMG_20171216_114200