Reconditioned learning at TechnoBrain Maker-space

Teaching and learning of traditional education systems are considered as vital tasks of child growth. This continues to adolescence in this modern world due to the complexity and competitiveness in the Educational Ecosystem. Considering the above, TechnoBrain maker space adapts a distinguished teaching methodology which is totally reconditioned from the traditional educational delivery mechanism. This reconditioned learning methodology pertains of “building a culture of creativity and discovery in education through collaborative learning”. Along with the tech-lead (Who is nicknamed as “TechnoBrain” by kids) and our trained maker space instructors, kids are free to innovate and come up with their own output while recording the same in the given workbook.

Conversely, certain Maker spaces consider documentation at maker space is so old school and kids are encouraged only to innovate. Breaking such maker space tradition, TechnoBrain let the kids document their creations then and there in whatever the language they are fluent in. Bearing in mind the fact that documentation and report writing is essential in all growth stages of career development, TechnoBrain encourages their report writing skills while working on their creations and innovation. Likewise, TechnoBrain is carrying their aspiration forward towards establishing a succeeding generation.

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