Classes are on!

Now the Technobrain Maker space has been officially established and the classes are going on. Have a look at our little heroes actively participating in the class demonstration session.


The most interesting part is, looking at what our R&D team was doing in their unit, this little one surrounded them and everybody wanted to learn to develop such robots like them

IMG_20171202_115738 IMG_20171202_114140 IMG_20171202_114128 IMG_20171202_113628 IMG_20171202_113109 IMG_20171202_113050 IMG_20171202_113019 IMG_20171202_113009 IMG_20171202_112900 IMG_20171202_112643 IMG_20171202_112535 IMG_20171202_112349 IMG_20171202_112301 IMG_20171202_111915 Explaining the little ones that things can be done only in a strategic manner going through these levels has been a hard task for our instructors. Seems this is going to be an interesting journey to take this tiny tots towards a bright future.