What can you except from your kid at Kindergarten Maker Space?

Kindergarten Maker space at Technobrain is specifically dedicated to improve fine motor skills of young children while providing a sophisticated learning environment assisted by human and artificial intelligence. This blend of assistance in learning will provide an exposure to novel technologies while guiding those young children who are at the beginning of a formal education system; towards a productive and safe use of technology. As we see, children these days are either addicted to smart devices and televisions which is ultimately a long time spent on  one way communication or reluctant to use technology due to fear of technology which is widely known as “Technophobia”.

Categorically, the kindergarten Maker space at Technobrain will be acting as a conduit to tune up the following fine motor skills of young children starting from age 3-6.

  • Bilateral Integration
  • Crossing Mid-line
  • Hand and finger strength
  • Hand eye coordination
  • Hand Dominance
  • Hand division
  • Object Manipulation and  Body Awareness (Proprioception)

More over to the fine motor skills, the learning environment plays a major role in developing brains gathering new facts and figures. Such exposure to a virtual learning environment more than everything at this young age will embrace the kids with courage and confidence towards technology while developing creativity.

Kindergarten Maker space
Kindergarten Maker space

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